Who We Are

Message from Chairman

Dear Valued Customers,
Namaste & welcome to Poshakalaya !!

Our products are cherry picked and stylized, to suit your daily wardrobe needs. Our pricing is competitive for all our products, because we want Poshakalaya to dwell deeper into all strata of society and touch hearts.  To make Poshakalaya, a truly valuable brand and reach a stage where, it is timeless and forever, your constant support is imperative. Therefore, we would absolutely love you to give us your honest feedback to make this brand, a part of you. Customer delight is our motto. Please write to us directly if you have any feedback, questions, concerns or suggestions.

Swoon the Poshakalaya way!!!
Yours Truly,
Poshakalaya Family
Email: info@poshakalaya.com   

Subarna Paudel

Senior Management Team

Aashish Acharya
Operation Director

Asmita Acharya
Business Development Director

Are you Dedicated, Hardworking, and Fun? Join Us!

We’re chilled out, but never complacent. ‘Easy’ is not lazy. We understand the difference because we live it. We know how to make some noise and have a good time! We are rigorous, not rigid. We’re not a bloated bureaucratic organization- we’re fluid. We encourage autonomy over authority. We’re never bossy; a true boss doesn’t need to be. As we grow, we are seeking dynamic, entrepreneurial and broad-minded individuals to join us.
Be part of our success story. You can send your CV to info@poshakalaya.com